What we do

Simplifying the tasks of NFT business enthusiasts with our one-stop NFT project management service.

Business Development on the Blockchain.

We engage with our partners to identify opportunities to leverage blockchain to optimize the business (e.g., increased revenues, cost savings and enhanced Customer Experience).

Cryptocurrency Literacy.

We provide the necessary education on cryptocurrency, NFT, marketplace and more for our partners to effectively enhance your cryptocurrency knowledge and business insights (e.g., smart contract, exchange platform operations, wallet management and cybersecurity), without spending all your precious time learning and trying to manage the operation.

Creative Design.

We work to envision original brand/project stories through matching designing scheme with demand. We will only ice on the cake of your unique design concept, which is our primary guideline.

Brand Building.

We equip your adventure to the crypto world with tailored NFT and other crypto campaigns that exploit new and innovative channels to make you move fast.

Our process

Tailored support is what speeds up your travel to the dreamed crypto land.

Setup & Preparation

  • NFT art production
  • Website development
  • Smart Contract development
  • Social channel setup
  • Discord setup
  • Community Building

  • Community activities
  • Influencers
  • Projects collaboration
  • Whitelist building
  • Content creation & PR exposure & Social media
  • Pre-sale & Public Sale

  • Deploy Mint site and smart contract
  • Social and Discord to support the launch
  • PR around the successful launch